Top 3 Ways the Covid-19 Coronavirus Has Impacted Dog Sales and Adoption in Singapore

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only affected the daily life of people but also affected the pets and animals. The most affected animals are cats b and dogs. The spread is f this pandemic is quite easy with any type contact. This is the reason the adoption and sale if this animals have been stopped.

3 ways that have affected the dogs sale and adoption:

• Singapore pet shelters are flowing as more animals are being brought in but there is a reduction in pet sale and more cancelled adoptions. The reason is either the paranoia that the animals can spread Covid-19as well as financial concerns. Hyperlink:

• In another news it had been seen that the animals and pets are not checked for the Covid-19 as they can not transferred the virus to other humans or animals. The instruction have been given to the pet owners of taking care of your pets Hyperlink:

• The Hong Kong news about the dog tested to have ‘weak positive’ have given a little anxiety to many pet owners. Some have abandoned their animals where most of them are advised to take care of their families, loved ones and pets as preventive measure. Hyperlink: