Top 5 News Headlines in 2020 That Concern Dogs in Singapore During the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

As the Covid-19 pandemic is spreading around the world, there are still people waiting in their homes to hear any positive news. In the same way there are pets who have our most attention in the news, which is mostly good and sometimes bad.

We have different news regarding pets and especially dogs, some of which are:

• In a sad dog news, a man was fined when the dog he adopted was found in a cage, abused and malnourished. The dog was near his death when found in a dirty room. The man has been banned from owning any pets for a year. Full Story Link:

• A standing ovation for this women who gave shelter to around 1000 dogs in her shelter house. She have taken every stray and abandoned animal and have been taking care and feeding them. Full Story Link:

• Now the mixed breed dogs have been allowed in the HDB Singapore Flats under the revised rules. And even the big sized dogs have been allowed. Full Story Link:

• The Platinum Dogs Club again comes in the news, when it’s owner is charged with the animal abuse and other offences including 10 dogs. The dogs were not given food and water as well as going against their own hotel rules and care service. Full Story Link:

• As the owners are staying home due to Coronavirus Lockdown, their pets are having rather funny reactions on seeing them at home the whole day. Some pets are stressed whereas the others are having a. Time of their lives. Full Story Link: