Top 2 Most Popular Online Dog Selling Shops in Singapore

Singapore is famous for having pets especially dogs. The Covid-19 pandemic lead to increase in the pet adoption. And the service for online adoption was introduced. You have to chose the dog or pet you want from the website and set an appointment to see him and adopt him.

The 2 best online dog shops in Singapore are:

OSCAS Singapore: it has the high rating of 5.0 stars and is located in the Animal Lodge, Singapore. They are the great lovers dogs and have the best variety of dogs to adopt. They are the animal shelter with the friendly environment for the animals.

Mercylight Singapore: it is an animal shelter where abandoned or stray dogs are brought, groomed and taken care of. Then new and safe homes are found for them. It has a 4.8 star rating and a very trustworthy site for animal adoption.