Top 3 Heartwarming News About Dogs During Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdown in Singapore

The Covid-19 lockdown has affected every part of the human life. As the lockdown is increasing, the anxiety and restlessness among people is also increasing. But it’s effect has also starting reaching the animals and pets. The normal routine of dog walking and park times have been disrupted which is causing restlessness in animals too.

Some of the news about dogs in Singapore are:

• The biggest dog show called Cruft opened even in the days of lockdown. Many people appreciate the distraction where many were against it because of the pandemic. They had taken different precautions for everyone’s protection. Link:

• The pet grooming shop in Thailand finally opens it’s doors as Coronavirus cases decrease. Even then they have taken every single precautions for the customers. The owners and none of the dog’s collars and accessories are allowed in the shop. Link:

• Singapore have started a new way of making people follow the social distancing rule. The yellow Robot dog is enforcing people to stay away from each other in a park. Link: