Top 5 News About Dogs in Singapore

News are always circulating around the world and same is the case with the animal and dog news. Singapore is a country with a lot of dog owners. There have been many times when we hear good and bad news update about the dogs.

Some of the dog’s news updated of 2019 are:

• Animals are also sensitive and when a dog befriends a wild baby giraffe, the loss can be very hard and can be hear breaking. This abandoned giraffe lost his life in the orphanage where he befriended Hunter and became good friends. Link:

• Every abuser including animal abuser must be given treatment or a hard punishment to make them understand what they did wrong. This Singaporean women has been banned from keeping animals after she abused a Chihuahua. Link:

• A heartbreaking incident took place when around 150 people searched for the “missing” dog after the Platinum Dogs Club case. The owner reported her dog missing but maybe he was cremated even before the missing report was filed. Link:

• Dogs are man’s best friend and this saying is proven when that dog is a therapy dog. This therapy dog, Onyx has been working for five years and has been named a miracle worker. Link:

• When the animal is sick, it is better to take them to a vet instead if feeding them painkillers. This man has been fined $3500 for the suffering and pain of his dog. Which could have been treated if he had the visited the vet on the given time. Link: